I never thought that I would actually see the cross-over but here it is. Crypto is at record pace and decentralization has made interesting opportunities. Mixing this with upward trend in technology and boom; you have a full on digital revolution. A struggling U.S. is losing it’s grip as it’s consumer bucket starts to overflow, unleashing a chain of events. Blockchain, if you will.

Gamification of NFT’s

Growing up with a bit of time on my hands, these assets interests me the most as you can purchase NFT’s that double as collectibles and ownership rights to that character in a future video game. Think Space Jam (w/ LeBron) or GTA meets the Sims. Stepping into this space, I have selected ZED Run and Meta Thugs as my entry point. More info to come later on this but check out my exclusives rights.

Art or Architecture?

The only statement that comes to mind when thinking of my third investment into the NFT space. Bricktopians (fka BricktoPunks) is the first 4-D NFT to enter the market. This collection is unique because it was invented by a yet to be disclosed, famous designer who works directly with Kanye West, Drake and Virgil Abloh. All 10,000 copies available to Mint, sold out in 30 seconds during public sale

4D Serum

With the late passing of Virgil Abloh, this collection aims to become coveted as Virgil provided his oversight into the design of this collection. 4D serum will active the bricks until forging. The brickto forging mechanism will naturally select the future of the collection while we await the release of the iconotopians. (Created in the likes of icons)

It’s safe to say this is my favorite project in my collection. You can find my Bricktopians for sale on Openseas, and see photos of them below.


The newest edition to my collection is a gamification meets gambling NFT. Have you ever been or heard of a horse race? Stinky right? Well that’s old tech. Horse races are all online these days including the stable that breeds them. Here are my top two bread winners.

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Keith Cozart X Colorfulmula drop the glogang nft series. My collection wasn’t complete without one of these.

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Dive In!

Selling Art as NFTs

Imagine that you’re an artist who creates digital images or videos. How do you go about monetizing your content? You might sell signed prints or some kind of merchandise online. You could also create a painting, digitize it and then modify it online. The question then becomes: Which one is the original? Is it the painting, or is it the digital copy that you modified? If a digital copy exists, then is there the original digital copy?

This is where NFTs come into play. An NFT is basically a smart contract asserting that this digital piece is the original and all the others are just copies (or “digital prints,” if we were to use a real-life analogue). In other words, the NFT consists of your digital artwork plus a contract on blockchain asserting that indeed you created the piece and that it’s the original.

You can then sell this digital original (i.e., the NFT), and it will be registered on the blockchain. If the person who bought from you resells it, that transaction is also noted on the blockchain. You have access to the entire transaction history and can see how your work lives on the secondary market.

But that’s not the only way NFTs can benefit artists.

NFTS and the Secondary Market

One unique aspect of NFT-based art that doesn’t really exist in the offline art world is the ability to profit from the secondary market. Offline, once you sell your artwork, it’s gone. You don’t really get anything from it if and when it resells for more.

In the crypto world, however, you can set up a fee (usually between 5 and 10 percent) that you get each time someone resells your work. That’s right — you get paid for each resell! So, if you sell your original work for a dollar and then someone resells it for $1 million in 10 years, you can still get $100,000 from it.

This feature alone is the single best reason why NFTs are great for content creators. It allows them to focus on making art without as much concern for its initial sale price. If their works become popular, they can start earning significant sums just from the secondary market in the future.

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Getting Started With NFTs

Getting started with the world of NFTs has never been easier than right now. Currently, the largest marketplaces right now are OpenSeaRarible and Foundation. We’ll look at what differentiates each of these in a moment, but first, let’s talk about how to create an NFT.

First, you’ll need a Metamask. This is a Chrome extension that serves as your virtual wallet and can interact with platforms to buy and sell your artwork on the blockchain. It functions as both a wallet and e-signature in one.

To get started, download Metamask, create a wallet on it and then send some ETH to that wallet. You can buy ETH with your credit card on exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken or Binance. Once the transaction is complete and you’re verified, you can send it to Metamask. That process can take up to five days, but you only have to do this when you’re getting started. Once you’re done with that, everything gets easier.

You’re now ready to mint and to buy NFTs!

3 Popular NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces enable users both to share their original pieces and also buy the work of others, which is also a great adventure. Moreover, looking at the type of work others are selling will give you a good sense of what’s popular right now.

Let’s now discuss in detail the three most popular NFT marketplaces.


OpenSea is the most democratic and easy-to-use platform of the three. No type of verification is necessary; anyone can create an account and start minting NFTs. You can browse through countless collections to find particular artists or peruse rankings by sales volume to discover interesting pieces.

OpenSea also makes submitting your own art or digital collectibles easy. Simply click on Create -> Submit NFTs and then you’ll be able to create a new collection and start adding new pieces. Even better, there’s no coding needed, so the barrier to entry is low. It takes three minutes to submit your first piece of digital art, and the whole process is free.

If you want to sell your pieces, you’ll need to pay for gas, which is the cost of interacting with the smart contract governing OpenSea, but you only have to do so once. Right now, it costs around $50 to $100 depending on network traffic.

Because it’s so simple and the cost is so low, many collections on OpenSea tend to be composed of digital collectibles rather than individual artworks.


Rarible is similar to OpenSea in that it is democratic and open. Here, however, because you have to pay for each artwork you mint (i.e., create and put on a blockchain), there’s much less noise and not many collectibles. People mostly use Rarible to mint individual pieces. So, although getting your work seen here is easier, the cost is much higher, as you’ll be paying $40 to $80 for the minting of each work.


Foundation is the most difficult to access of these marketplaces. You’ll need a certain number of community upvotes from fellow artists to even post your first artwork. As such, the best way to enter Foundation is through a direct invitation from one of the artists already on the platform. This way, you can avoid the queue and jump straight into selling your art.

The difficulty of getting in here and the cost of gas for minting each NFT means that you generally find better quality art going for higher sums of money here. This is definitely a good place for already established artists and creators who have a strong following on other platforms and can bring them over.

Start Minting Now

From a content creator’s perspective, there’s never been a better way to display and sell digital creations. If you’ve been curious about blockchain, NFTs or cryptoart, use this guide as a gateway to start exploring right away. For a relatively low cost, you can get into the market and start building up a following today.