I never thought that I would actually see the cross-over but here it is. Crypto is at record pace and decentralization has made interesting opportunities. Mixing this with upward trend in technology and boom; you have a full on digital revolution. A struggling U.S. is losing it’s grip as it’s consumer bucket starts to overflow, unleashing a chain of events. Blockchain, if you will.

Gamification of NFT’s

Growing up with a bit of time on my hands, these assets interests me the most as you can purchase NFT’s that double as collectibles and ownership rights to that character in a future video game. Think Space Jam (w/ LeBron) or GTA meets the Sims. Stepping into this space, I have selected ZED Run and Meta Thugs as my entry point. More info to come later on this but check out my exclusives rights.

Art or Architecture?

The only statement that comes to mind when thinking of my third investment into the NFT space. Bricktopians (fka BricktoPunks) is the first 4-D NFT to enter the market. This collection is unique because it was invented by a yet to be disclosed, famous designer who works directly with Kanye West, Drake and Virgil Abloh. All 10,000 copies available to Mint, sold out in 30 seconds during public sale

4D Serum

With the late passing of Virgil Abloh, this collection aims to become coveted as Virgil provided his oversight into the design of this collection. 4D serum will active the bricks until forging. The brickto forging mechanism will naturally select the future of the collection while we await the release of the iconotopians. (Created in the likes of icons)

It’s safe to say this is my favorite project in my collection. You can find my Bricktopians for sale on Openseas, and see photos of them below.


The newest edition to my collection is a gamification meets gambling NFT. Have you ever been or heard of a horse race? Stinky right? Well that’s old tech. Horse races are all online these days including the stable that breeds them. Here are my top two bread winners.

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